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Core Values

  •  Being Creative
  •  Being Professional
  •  Being Social Responsible
Rose Cao spent 14 years living in the bustling megacity of Singapore, but she couldn't shake the feeling that something was missing from her life. Despite working for a prominent Fortune 50 company for nearly five years, she found no happiness amidst the hours of stress, the monotony of routine, and the superficiality of social connections. Even though everything appeared beautiful on the surface, she gradually lost confidence in herself.

Amid her soul-searching journey, Rose realized that a meaningful life surpassed the confines of a stable job or financial abundance. It necessitated forging genuine connections, experiencing love, sharing, dedicating oneself to society, and pursuing a true passion. Driven to discover her purpose, she explored various workshops and embraced unfamiliar activities in search of her true passion.

In 2015, she stumbled upon a flower design course, igniting a flame within her. Since then, her journey has grown with excitement and purpose. In 2016, she made history as the first Vietnamese floral artist to reach the final round of the prestigious Singapore Garden Festival, securing the Silver Medal for her outstanding table display. Fueled by this achievement, Rose made a courageous decision: she renounced her Singapore permanent residency and returned to her homeland - Vietnam, determined to share her profound love for floral art with her community.

With a private studio established in Ho Chi Minh City over the ensuing two years, she orchestrated nearly 300 events & workshops, encompassing seven comprehensive courses in European Floral Art catering to beginners and advanced learners alike. Collaboration became an integral part of her journey, as Rose joined forces with local and international designers, uniting her students in three notable exhibitions and open-house events that aimed to champion Floral Art and its merits.

By the conclusion of 2017, Rose's commitment to teaching went far beyond physical boundaries as she signed a partnership deal with a large online teaching platform. Her reputation as an exceptional instructor spread far and wide, attracting hundreds of students hailing from 37 countries to enrol in her courses by December 2020. Taking a stride towards expansion in March 2021, Rose started building her floristry education platform, fostering deeper connections with her students via 2 ways of learning experience.

At present, Rose offers a wide range of courses, from basic to advanced, providing theoretical knowledge and practical modules in floristry. Recently, she organized an online demonstration in the Vietnamese language, catering to her beloved community. Her future goal is to invite more talented designers to join her platform, enabling a collaborative environment for online events where students and colleagues worldwide can exchange ideas and share their unique floral design styles with the world.

Rose is currently the host of the Rose Cao Podcast where she shares knowledge about Floral Art and provides a safe platform for other artists to tell their own stories. She is also the mentor for Give It Back by Lead the Change Asia where she helps fresh graduates to find their own paths in life.
In July 2016, Rose Cao became the first Vietnamese Floral Designer that went to the final round at the Singapore Flower Festival and won the Silver Medal in the table display category.

After the exhibiting her work at the world largest tropical garden show, Rose Cao desired to have more talented designers in the Floral Art Community, she started teaching regularly floral design courses at her own studio in Ho Chi Minh City. Since then, she has been actively organizing private flower art exhibitions to showcase student artworks and promote floral art to local and international flower lovers.

By the end of 2017, while organizing offline classes for hundreds of students in both Vietnamese and English. Rose Cao also shared free flower arranging tutorials on her YouTube channel which now reaches more than 10 thousands of subscribers and millions of viewers worldwide.

A further step in her career 3 years ago was to teach Vietnamese students who were unable to travel and learn offline with her. That led her to build her online courses through some of the most popular e-learning platforms Kyna and Udemy. She has then launched 7 online courses covering many of the latest topics in the floristry. And now Rose Cao is building her own platform to attract more international audience to join her continuous flower journey.


Presentation and Public Speaking Certification - Certified by Ted-Talker Chris Haroun, 2022.

Professional Floral Design Certification - Endorsed by the World Flower Council, Nobleman School of Floral Design (Singapore), 2016.

Bachelor's Degree (Double Major) in Accounting & Finance - Murdoch University, Australia, 2014.

Lean Six Sigma Certification - Schlumberger Inc., 2012.


Silver Medalist, Floral Lamppost Design Category, Chelsea Flower Show 2023.

Author of the bilingual book "Hibiscus Collection - A step-by-step guide to floral design," available on Amazon (2022).

Founder of Rose Cao Floral Design - An online Floristry Education Platform (2021).

Co-organizer of 2 online floral art demonstration events with a Master Florist (Valentine's 2021 & Women's Day 2022).

Organizer of 3 private floral exhibitions in HCM City (2017-2018).

Silver Medalist, Table Floral Design Category, Singapore Garden Festival 2016.

Online Presents

YouTube Official Artist Channel: Over 10,000 subscribers.

Official Facebook Page: Rose Cao Floral Design, with a following of over 8,000.

Founder of Mê Cắm Hoa (Flower Arrangement Lovers) Facebook group: Boasting over 14,000 organic members.

Guest Speaker: Featured on VTC10 broadcast, reaching audiences in 42 countries. Netviet Stories - Rose Cao và tình yêu với hoa | NETVIET TV.

Featured in Prominent Events: Showcased at Singapore Garden Festival 2018 (SGF2018) and featured in multiple publications, news articles, and magazines since 2016.
Rose Cao on VNA
Headline VTV4 News
Headline Vietnam Government TV News
VTC10 interviewed Rose Cao & her love for flowers
VTC10 interviewed Rose Cao & her love for flowers
Rose Cao's exhibition work features on SGF2016
Rose Cao's exhibition work features on SGF2016

Credited by governments bodies - Trusted by industry businesses

Featured on multiple publications

Credited by governments bodies - Trusted by industry businesses

Featured on multiple publications

Attention: Exclusively for individuals truly dedicated to advancing in the field of floristry!
Attention: Exclusively for individuals truly dedicated to advancing in the field of floristry!


In the world of floristry, Rose Cao stands out for her distinctive and refined personal style. Her aesthetic is elegantly found in simplicity, embodying a clean, sleek, and minimal approach that resonates with modern sensibilities.


Please note that these are just a few examples, and there are many more students who work as freelancers or operate their businesses online. Their unique journeys and contributions to the floral industry are vast and diverse, making it impossible to list all of them here.

Please note that these are just a few examples, and there are many more students who work as freelancers or operate their businesses online. Their unique journeys and contributions to the floral industry are vast and diverse, making it impossible to list all of them here.

"Hoa Noi" or "Flowers Speak" is a renowned retail flower brand that directly connects farms with consumers, offering fresh and vibrant flowers. Founded by Viet Nguyen, who began as a beginner student in 2016, the brand has grown to provide floral arrangements for private events hosted by commercial brands.
Sugar Wedding is a distinguished wedding and event planning brand dedicated to helping clients tell beautiful stories through exquisite flower design. Founded by Dung Doan, an accomplished graduate of the advanced bridal floral design program in 2018, the brand brings a wealth of expertise and creativity to create unforgettable experiences for couples on their special day.
Sugar Flora, established in 2016 by three students with no prior knowledge of flowers, embarked on a transformative journey by flying from another city to take Rose Cao's intermediate class. Since then, the brand has evolved beyond retail services, venturing into the realm of flower workshops and concert floral events. With a passion for continuous growth and innovation, Sugar Flora combines their newfound expertise and creativity to deliver exceptional experiences in the world of floral design.
The founder of Bong House Flowers & Tea began her journey as an intermediate program student in 2018. With a background in architecture and a deep love for flowers, she fused her passions to establish Bong House, a unique space that harmoniously combines flowers, food, and beverage. Recognizing the beauty of ceramic products and the Zen lifestyle, she further expanded her endeavors by founding Rhythm Garden, a platform dedicated to promoting ceramic goods and embracing the essence of Zen living. Recently, she opened another Bong House location, extending her vision and creating new experiences for flower and tea enthusiasts.
For more detailed information about Rose Cao' students brands and their offerings, I recommend visiting their respective pages. Explore their websites or social media platforms to discover the full range of services, events, and unique experiences they provide. Enjoy delving into their world of flowers, creativity, and passion!
WHAT STUDENTS SAY about Rose Cao's floral design course?
Translated:  Rose Cao is a highly skilled and passionate expert in floral design. It was a fortunate coincidence that I had the opportunity to meet Rose through her online course. I immediately fell in love with her style and felt that it resonated with me, prompting me to reach out and learn directly from her. I am immensely grateful that she taught me with such attention to detail and wholehearted dedication. What sets Rose apart is her openness and transparency when sharing her knowledge about floristry, unlike others who may hold back their secrets. From her, I learned the importance of having an eye for detail and treating other florists, ingredients, recipients, and myself with respect.
I am also drawn to Rose's minimal, sincere, and cheerful way of living. I feel comfortable sharing my thoughts on my career path with her, and she has provided me with valuable guidance and insights, whether it be regarding ideas or career choices. To me, she is not only a dedicated teacher but also a wonderful friend in life whom I feel incredibly fortunate to have met. I want to express my heartfelt gratitude to her and wish her boundless happiness and luck in all her endeavors!
Translated: Because I love flowers and want to open my own flower shop therefore i chose Rose Cao. She is very enthusiastic, her class is very friendly and thank you for every useful & relaxed lessons
Translated: In a series of boring days with everyday work, suddenly I found inspiration from floral art images, I clicked on the link to search for genres, I found myself feeling hopeful even I have not attended her flower class. Although i have not been to any flowers arrangement class  in Ho Chi Minh City, but I have a strong belief that i can do it and decided to go crazy after going in to see the information and pictures of her artistic flowers pictures. It has many distinct charms in each work, it arouses my creative ability that gradually when I go to school to work in my profession, that ability is accidentally buried. It also motivates me to mix colors; to create shapes; to find my true self. Thank you very much Rose Cao - I will always recommend you and your class to friends who I think are as passionate about art as I am. They are worth trying!
Translated: Thank you for the great advice though Live sessions; A lot of useful knowledge; The guest speakers are famous and successful people in their fields. Thanks for sharing. I will continue to follow your Livestreams and I do appreciate how you and your guests spread knowledge and positive energy to the community.
Translated: I became aware of Rose Cao after stumbling upon a video showcasing her remarkable flower arrangements. From that moment, I was captivated and began exploring my own passion for flowers. That's when I discovered Rose's flower courses and made the decision to embark on my journey towards starting my own flower business.
Completing Rose's bouquet course was a turning point for me. It instilled a newfound sense of confidence and expanded my knowledge on color schemes and how to utilize various materials to create unique and creative floral creations. Moreover, I gained a deeper understanding of the artistry involved in floral design, which surpassed my initial perceptions.
Rose's approachable, enthusiastic, and caring nature truly resonated with me during her classes. This sparked my interest, leading me to eagerly enroll in her basic flower arrangement course immediately after completing the bouquet course. I am incredibly grateful for the guidance and support she has provided throughout my floral journey.
Thank you, Rose, for sharing your expertise and passion. I sincerely wish you continued success in your career in the art of flowers, reaching new heights with every endeavor.
Translated: Your knowledge about flowers is very rich and extensive, thank you for useful knowledge in your articles
Translated: There are always unexpected charms out there. While I was struggling to find a place to land my passion, I found out that I felt strongly inspired for my decision when I was able to study and work with such a wonderful woman like Rose Cao. A loving and caring sister and her flower studio is a house full of passion for flower lovers. Muazhhh.
Translated: As someone who doesn't know anything about flower arrangement, I have learned a lot of technical lessons about flower arrangement, the class always gives me a feeling of relaxation and the knowledge is very useful for me and I would like to recommend anyone to sign up for Rose's classes; Don't hesitate because you will want to learn more and more!
Translated: I'm not a florist, I am just a woman who likes to arrange flowers to decorate my house. I'm impressive with Rose's floral arts. Therefore I tried to ask if it is possible to take advanced classes due to the fact that I only arrange flowers according to my feelings. I don't know much about flower arrangement techniques. After she asked me to provide some pictures of my flower designs. She accepted my request. I told her I do not want to learn a fixed design but several techniques and principles of design so i can create floral work myself. The first design was also my first time she taught me how to use metal wire in flower arrangement. It does sound unrelated but through the lesson I know how to combine different materials together. As for the second design, she asked me about my idea, i came up with one, and she guided me how to make it visual by instructing me on what materials to use and how to connect the dots together. I was so passionate about learning new things that I forgot to even eat lunch. I also learned about her bravery when setting up her own career in a foreign country but still I can give up her corporate career for her little family. I had such an interesting lesson! Thank you and wish you an impressive flower career ahead. 
Translated: I really like how Rose Cao teaches flower arrangement because I do not only learn the principles but also be able to create design according to my own ideas.
Translated: Thank you for fueling my fire and help me to understand better what the art of flower arranging is all about. I will continue to attend your class again soon.
Translated: She instilled in me the belief that an unskillful person can make such a beautiful piece of artwork. That thought was already too much for me as a student. I now see myself as a more beautiful woman, more feminine and more confident in my hands and my soul. Thank you Rose! I love you and I wish many more women have the same emotional experience as I have.
Translated: I know Mrs. Rose while I has been wandering the internet for months looking for a place to learn flower arranging and luckily I saw her video and I decided to sign up. Learning flower arranging with her, I'm satisfied with what I've been looking for for a long time from flower arrangement to color scheme to the style and design I'm very satisfied with everything. The teacher is very enthusiastic and funny.
Translated: I just completed the basic course today, it's been a wonderful experience to study with a master of the arts who has a great heart and vision. I have been doing flower business (Retail, wholesale and import export flowers) for many years now. I met a lot of people but few people are like Rose. I was completely surprised by her giving and sharing her knowledge of flowers to others. Both technical knowledge and skills about the profession once you practice enthusiastically with people in the profession like me, I feel very fortunate to have known and studied with Rose. If you  love flowers and are passionate about art, and want to choose floristry to develop your career, don't be afraid to invest in professional course, you will become a professional florist.
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